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mailgun-js bucklescript bindings.

Mailgun is a cloud-based email service for sending, receiving and tracking email sent through your websites and applications. mailgun-js is a node module for interacting with Mailgun’s api. This bucklescript library is a binding for mailgun-js.


npm install @piq9117/bs-mailgun



  "bs-dependencies": [


Sending Mail

let mailgunKeys =
    ~apiKey:"YOUR API KEY"
    ~domain:"YOUR DOMAIN"

let mailgun = Mailgun.mailgun req

let emailData =
    ~from:"Excited User <>"
    ~text:"Testing some Mailgun awesomeness!"
let messages = Mailgun.Message.messages mailgun

let sendMail =
  let open Belt_Result in
  Mailgun.Message.send messages emailData (fun s ->
    match s with
    | Ok o -> Js.log o
    | Error e -> Js.log e 

More examples on how to use this bindings library