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Graphql Stitch-Vomit

This CLI tool will stitch your schemas if and only if they are organized this way

   ( etc.. )


Graphql Stitch-Vomit: A graphql schema stitcher.

Usage: graphql-stitch-vomit --src-dir ARG --output ARG
  Graphql Stitch-Vomit is a cli tool that will stitch all your schemas and vomit
  them into one file.

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  --src-dir ARG            Schema source directory path.
  --output ARG             Output path for the schema stitched result.

In Action

Running this command will result in stitching all the schemas in test/test-schema

graphql-stitch-vomit --src-dir test/test-schema --output my-schema.gql

The result will look like

File generated by Graphql Stitch-Vomit
type Person {
  firstName: String
  lastName: String

type Post {
  author: String
  comment: String

type Dog {
  name: String

type Query {
  dog: String
  posts: [Post]
  getPerson(name: String): Person

type Mutation {
  addPost(author: String, comment: String): Post
  setDogName(name: String): Dog
  setPersonName(name: String): Person

type Subscription {
  postAdded: Post

schema {
  query: Query
  mutation: Mutation
  subscription: Subscription

Building it yourself

With Nix


Once you are in a nix shell

cabal build
cabal install # installs in .cabal/bin

If you want to build the static binary yourself

Without going into a nix-shell

nix-build static.nix